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[10GMMF] TF member (but non 802.3 voters) comments on D2.0

Dear All,

I have been asked to clarify how TF members who are non 802.3 voters should submit comments on D2.0.
Please do the following:

Go to the private area of the IEEE 802.3 webpage.
You will need to use the secret username and password you wrote down at the IEEE 802.3 Plenary session.
If you have forgotten them ask an LRM colleague.
Please only give these passwords out to people you know are active in the TF.
Go to the 802.3 reflector archive (on private area of 802.3 webpage).
Find the announcement of the IEEE 802.3aq Working Group Ballot.
The instructions for comment submission for voters and non voters are in the email.

Non voters cannot vote on the document.
Non 802.3 voters can make T or E comments but not TR comments.  If a non voter makes a TR comment it will be converted to a T comment when the comments are being consolidated into the database.

If, as a non voter, you have something that you believe should be a TR try to persuade a an 802.3 voter to submit the comment.

TF members who are non voters please do submit your comments. The document can only be improved by comment input and comment resolution.