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[10GMMF] Update on May05 TF meeting


Sadly I can't attend the May comment review meeting.  I am pleased to announce that Jim McVey has kindly agreed to chair the meeting.  Please give him your full support at the meeting. There are a lot of comments to resolve and it will take both the May and the June meeting to resolve them, more on this later.

The likely format of the meeting is as follows:

Day 1
Chairs opening remarks
Editors report
Ad Hoc reports
Presentations (see the 10GBASE-LRM website)
Comment review
- Decide order of comment review
Comment review

Day 2
Comment review

Comment review and brief closing session
Adjourn comment review until June meeting

Comment resolution of D2.0 will take two interim meetings, May and June. Therefore, plan to be at the June meeting. Some comments on D2.0 require further study these will be assigned to ad hoc(s) for study between the May and June interim meetings. Then they will be resolved at the June meeting. 

The first recirculation of D2.1 will now occur out of the June meeting.


Unlike taskforce review, comments can't be pushed from one ballot to the next.  Comments propose changes to the document.  To change the document the taskforce must accept the comment by a 75% vote and then a remedy must be accepted by a 75% vote.  If a comment is not accepted with a 75% vote it has been rejected. All comments must be considered and a response written for them with agreed (by a 75% vote) changes implemented in the draft before a recirculation ballot can occur.  

All responses should be respectful and provide thoughtful justification for the response especially if other than accept. Response generation can be delegated to subgroups or even individuals, but the customary practice is to only do this delegation by a motion of the group, typically at the end when time is running out. The comment database is the master minutes for comment resolution.  Therefore, there is no need for minutes on comment resolution. 

I hope you all have a very successful meeting in Austin and I look forward to seeing you at the London interim.

David Cunningham