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Re: [10GMMF] Reminder for TP2 call 6/9/05

Tom, you asked me to propose ideas on how to include the effect of 1355nm shift into TP2  /  TWDP easily.  These are my suggestions,  but others may see an easier implementation:


a.  use Ewen stressors reflecting  PIE-D at 1355nm. On the call a laser manufacturer pointed out that a 1300nm Fabry Perot laser shifts to higher wavelengths if it gets hot.  This was new to me but apparently not to others on the call. This suggests that all the lasers will operate over a wavelength range depending on usage and so including a shift 1355nm is something prudent to do for more than one reason.      


b. use different Ewen stressors depending on the central wavelength of the laser.  In TWDP this is just software and easy to do.  It would also be feasible to generate the result at 1260nm as well and include that.


c. take Ewen stressors and scale the UI appropriately depending on laser wavelength – this was suggested by someone on the call.  After thinking this over, this seems to be technically correct (in the sense that if the MPD and mode delays generate the 4 impulse responses of the stresses, then shifting to 1355nm would have exactly this effect).  Again this is easy to do in software. However,  (i) I would suggest the PIE-Ds and finite EQ penalties be calculated to verify they change by the right amount.


Back on (a), I would appreciate any references to this laser-wavelength-shift effect, and what it means for the laser to get hot.  Does the RMS spectral width change too?    Does the laser reach a steady state “hot” temperature quickly? Does we want 1300 to be the cold wavelength or the hot wavelength.  


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Folks - I've been preparing for and attending Fibre Channel meetings since the last call and have had no chance to prepare for the 6/9 call. I apologize. Let's convene a call 6/9 and build an agenda and talk about what we can do before London.




  • Date: Thurs, June 9, 2005
  • Time: 9:00 AM Pacific
  • Duration: 1:30 max
  • Number: 401-694-1515
  • Access code: 421721#

Proposed agenda

  • Attendance
  • Agenda
  • Review previous minutes (none)
  • Proposed discussions
    • Comment 166 (dispersion increase at 1355 nm)
    • Comments 217, 390 (peak power limit)
    • TWDP
    • Other?
  • Next call


Thanks, Tom