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[10GMMF] July LRM Meeting Days, Purpose and Big Ticket Items

Dear IEEE802.3 aq,

The 10GBASE-LRM committee will meet at Hyatt Regency San Francisco on the Embarcadero, in San Francisco, California, USA during the 19th , 20th and the 21st of July, 2005.  The meetings will begin at 0800hrs each day. The full IEEE 802 Plenary meeting notice can be found at:

The purpose of the meeting is comment resolution on Draft P802.3/D2.1.

Big Ticket Issues are as follows:

	ISI stressor values
	Range for OM2 fiber and associated models or experimental verification.

Task Force Chairs additional comments regarding the Big Ticket Issues: 
These are the subjects of many unresolved or unsatisfied TR comments that were part of the recirculation package.  Also, the group seems to want to improve the draft in these areas.  However, it must be realized that unless significant progress is achieved in these areas it is unlikely that we will go to another recirculation out of the July meeting.  In the absence of significant progress on these areas in July, given that the group wants to improve the technical details of these specifications, we will use the time between the July and September meeting to do the work required to resolve these comments. Then after the September interim meeting conduct a recirculation.

At the July meeting, to ensure enough time is left for comment resolution, a maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated to any one presentation, including question time.  Only succinct presentations focused on comment resolution of D2.1 or models used to develop the specification will be accepted on to the agenda.  The chair expects that every presentation will be in support of a planned motion, resolution of a comment or a proposed action of the group.   

In order to develop a draft agenda, requests for presentation time should be sent to David Cunningham ( please include the following information: 

	 Name of presenter 

	 Title of presentation 

	 Length of time requested (this should include time for questions and answers) 

	 Brief description of topic 

Presentation Procedure
For this meeting we will use the procedure developed by David Law
with the following amendments.  Submissions received after the deadline, Wednesday 13th July 2005, will not be accepted for presentation at the meeting. Presenters please be sure to complete the PDF document information fields per the procedures for presenters, failure to do so may result in rejection of your presentation.

David Cunningham

Agilent Technologies
Senior Manager
Agilent Technologies
White House Road
Phone: +44 (0) 1473 465221