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[10GMMF] TWDP code with options to extract OMA


Please find at a TWDP program as in draft 2.2 but with optional functionality provided by Norm Swenson, Petar Pepeljugoski and myself, to extract OMA from the same captured waveform as is analysed for TWDP.

Instructions for use are at the URL.  Some explanation of how these programs work is given as comments within them.

Please try out these options on the example waveforms and your own waveforms!


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Sent: 06 August 2005 15:52
Subject: [10GMMF] Report of resolution of P802.3aq D2.1 comment 1151 (OMA extraction into TWDP code)

<snip>   To progress OMA automation, the subcommittee will make the three OMA extraction methods available on the web site for folks to test and evaluate. <snip>