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[10GMMF] Test method validation for LRM

All -
LRM needs HW-based validation of test methods (see Piers comment #37 and others) for TP2 and TP3. This email recommends specific test data to report to help determine test limits for TWDP and  its relationship to TP3 testing. The goal is to promote common results and the most useful validation testing.
For the TP2 section in the attached spreadsheet, the left column describes a range of transmitters which we might conceive for which we would like to characterize. The headers across the top row are the characterizations thought of so far. It is desirable that each transmitter be characterized in all the ways listed. The results will help establish where to draw limit lines, test correlation, etc.
Sharing of captured waveforms is also highly encouraged.
Several characterizations are also requested in the spreadsheet for TP3 testers. The objective is to determine what additional stresses may already be in the testers beyond the TWDP scores.
I do not expect that everything requested will be done, but as much is possible will be beneficial to the standard.
Comments and suggestions?
Thanks, Tom
Tom Lindsay
ClariPhy Communications
phone: (425) 608-0209 or (949) 480-9210
cell: (206) 790-3240
fax: (425) 608-0232

HW test validation brainstorming.xls