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[10GMMF] Reminder to join Sponsor Ballot Pool



If support the project and you want to make a positive contribution please join the Sponsor Ballot Pool.    The invitation closes on 16th November so do it ASAP!


You do not need to be an IEEE 802.3 voter to join the pool.  


You do need to be a member of the IEEE and the IEEE SA.


The instructions Bob Grow sent to the IEEE 802.3 reflector are copied at the end of this email.






Subject: IEEE Invitation to Ballot, P802.3aq


You have indicated an interest in balloting IEEE Standards documents.


IMPORTANT! To participate, you must have access to the myBallot system through an IEEE Web Account.


If you would like to participate in IEEE P802.3aq Standards Sponsor Ballot, you must enroll as a member of the ballot group by 16-Nov-2005, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.


***** IEEE STANDARD DOCUMENT INFORMATION ***** The Ethernet Working Group Society/Ethernet Working Group invites you to participate in the New Sponsor Ballot for:


Title: Information technology -- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems -- Local and metropolitan area networks -- specific requirements Part 3: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for 10 Gb/s Operation, Type 10GBASE-LRM

Scope: The scope of this project is to specify additions to and appropriate modifications of IEEE Std 802.3-2002 as amended to add a Physical Layer (PHY) for operation at 10 Gb/s on standards based structured fiber cabling, using the existing MAC and with extensions to the appropriate physical layer management parameters of IEEE Std 802.3.

Purpose: This project will define a lower-cost, 10Gb/s serial PHY that supports a link distance of at least 220m over installed FDDI-grade multimode fiber. The specification should enable migration to smaller form factor pluggable modules.




1. Log onto myBallot, the IEEE Standards Association’s (IEEE SA) Electronic Balloting System using your IEEE WEB ACCOUNT at

2. Click on "Show/Join Open Ballot Invitations." If your logon provides Sponsor access, you must click on myBallot Control Panel first.

3. Check the invitation you wish to join and choose your interest category.

4. Click OK to enroll in the ballot group.


If you are not an IEEE SA Member, you can either enroll in a single ballot by paying a per-ballot fee or you can join the IEEE SA by choosing an option link below.  Joining the IEEE SA entitles you to participate in as many sponsor ballots as you like for the year.


OPTION 1 - I am already an IEEE Member and I want to add Standards Association Membership. Go to:

OPTION 2 - I am not an IEEE Member but would like to enroll in both IEEE and IEEE Standards Association. Go to:

OPTION 3 - I am not interested in becoming an IEEE Member, however I would like to enroll as a Standards Association Member only. Go to:



OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF BALLOTERS ============================================

Balloting group members are selected to vote on the acceptability of a new or revised standard, or on the reaffirmation of a published standard submitted by the Sponsor; based on interest in and commitment to reviewing and voting on a specific existing or proposed standard.


Once the document is ready to be balloted, you will receive notification via email.  You will typically have 30 days to review the document and return the ballot with your vote.  By agreeing to participate in this ballot you have an *obligation* to respond.  Failure to return a completed ballot may disqualify you from participating in future ballots.