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Optical-Speed Barrier
(04/06/99, 10:10 a.m. ET)
By To Chee Eng, Data Communications 
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), in Tokyo, said last week that it
the fastest speed yet for fiber-optic data transmission. The carrier said that
in lab tests its researchers sent data at 3 terabits per second over one
of fiber. The only drawback: The transmission covered just 40 kilometers. 
NTT said it uses a new type of light source to generate data at 160 gigabits
per second over 19 discrete wavelengths at once. An optical amplifier picks up
these light signals and transmits them simultaneously over the fiber. NTT said
it hopes to solve the 40-km distance limitation by placing more amplifiers
along the data path. 
The carrier has been looking at ways of boosting speeds on fiber to
burgeoning Internet traffic in its service areas. Since it doesn't manufacture
equipment, NTT will probably license the technology to a large telecom
equipment maker in Japan. So far, it hasn't announced any such deal. 

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