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Why don't we skip 10Gig and just do 100Gig?

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> Optical-Speed Barrier
> (04/06/99, 10:10 a.m. ET)
> By To Chee Eng, Data Communications 
> Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), in Tokyo, said last week that it
> achieved
> the fastest speed yet for fiber-optic data transmission. The carrier 
> said that
> in lab tests its researchers sent data at 3 terabits per second over one
> strand
> of fiber. The only drawback: The transmission covered just 40 kilometers. 
> NTT said it uses a new type of light source to generate data at 160 gigabits
> per second over 19 discrete wavelengths at once. An optical 
> amplifier picks up
> these light signals and transmits them simultaneously over the 
> fiber. NTT said
> it hopes to solve the 40-km distance limitation by placing more amplifiers
> along the data path. 
> The carrier has been looking at ways of boosting speeds on fiber to
> accommodate
> burgeoning Internet traffic in its service areas. Since it doesn't 
> manufacture
> equipment, NTT will probably license the technology to a large telecom
> equipment maker in Japan. So far, it hasn't announced any such deal. 
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