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Proposed WAN vs. LAN Terms (Ethernet HSSG)

Hi All,

Just a quick question, is there a "term" defined for the very long reach version
of 10GEth?  These definitions seem to be important to our discussion.  As Brian 
from HP stated, we're not being clear on the specific application environment.  
I'd suggest something like:

        Wavelength ~ 850nm
        I'd guess WWDM only
        300m reach over 62.5um fiber

        Single-mode (maybe also multi-mode)
        Wavelength ~ 1310nm or 1550nm
        WWDM, Serial or MAS
        10km reach

10,000Base-EX   (EX=Extended Length)
        Wavelength ~ 1550nm 
        DWDM or Serial
        Externally modulated
        Long Reach
        (similar to what Bill St. Arnaud is talking about)

Also, I've seen some comments on the serial version of the 10,000Base-LX that 
assume it'll be externally modulated.  I've heard a number of individuals state 
that a directly modulated 10 Gb laser is possible.  Lucent seemed to be 
proposing this at the Austin meeting (I believe their eye pattern was from one 
of these devices).  If this was a directly modulated uncooled DFB without 
isolator, then I believe it would be by far the lowest cost and the most 
straight forward. Regarding the 10,000Base-EX, I'd (obviously) assume that this 
was only externally modulated.

Bryan Gregory