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Optical MAS research references

I am posting this note, containing work in the area of Optical MAS, from
a private posting to me from Rohit Sharma of Optical Networks, with his
OK to post it to the reflector. 

Thanks Rohit!

>Rohit Sharma wrote:
>>If anyone knows of any existing research or commercial products in the
>>area of MAS optical communication links not having to due with analog
>>optical cable TV systems, please post that information to this
>A significant body of work in this (long haul) area exists... beginning
>with Lender's original paper from 1964 and recent work by Sheldon
>Walklin/Jan Conradi at TRLabs, Edmonton as well as A.J.Price's group at
>Rohit Sharma
>Optical Networks
>K. Yonenage and S. Kuwano, "Dispersion tolerant optical transmission
>system using duobinary transmitter and binary receiver," J. Lightwave
>Technol., vol 15, pp. 1530-1537, 1997.
>K. Fukuchi et al., "10 Gbit/s-120 km standard fiber transmission
>employing a novel optical phase-encoded intensity modulation for signal
>spectrum compression," in Tech. Dig. OFC'97, paper ThH3.
>A. Lender, "Correlative digital communication techniques," IEEE Trans.
>Commun., vol. COM-12, pp. 128-135, 1964.
>D. Penninckx et al., "Experimental verification of the phase-shaped
>binary transmission (PSBT) effect," in Proc. ECOC 97, Edinburgh,
>Scotland, U.K., vol. 1, pp. 19-22.
>A. J. Price and N. Le Mercier, "Reduced bandwidth optical digital
>intensity modulation with improved chromatic dispersion tolerance,"
>Electron. Lett., vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 58-59, Jan. 1995.
>.A. J. Price, Mercier, and N. Le, "Reduced bandwidth optical digital
>intensity modulation with improved chromatic dispersion tolerance,"
>Electron. Lett., vol. 31, pp. 58-59, 1995.
>.T. Ono, Y. Yano, and K. Fukuchi, "Demonstration of high-dispersion
>tolerance of 20-Gbit/s optical duobinary signal generated by a low-pass
>filtering >method," presented at Conf. Optical Fiber Communication,
>Dallas, TX, 1997.
>Key Technologies for Terabit/Second WDM Systems with High Spectral
>Efficiency of Over 1 bit/s/Hz Takashi Ono and Yutaka Yano (Invited
>Paper) , IEEE Journal >of Quantum Electronics, Volume 34 Number 11,
>November 1998


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