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Idaho presentation requests


I'd like to request time for the following presentations in Couer

1) "MAS Technology and Applications", a deeper review of Multilevel
Analog Signaling technology and applicable environments, Rich Taborek,
Transcendata, 60 minutes.

2) "Auto-Negotiation", a proposal for serial optical/copper
Auto-Negotiation, Rich Taborek, Transcendata, 20 minutes.

3) "NCITS T11.2 Assistance to HSSG", a proposal to use the resources of
ANSI NCITS Task Group T11.2 to help with HSSG PHY development tasks,
Rich Taborek, Transcendata, 20 minutes.

I haven't planned or prepared anything at this time, but there has been
a reflector request from Martin Nuss, of Bell Labs, to present the
Ethernet point-of-view of coding. I'd be happy to attempt to coordinate
the presentation of this point of view unless there are any other
takers. I'm not all that familiar with scrambling techniques and will
leave this point of view to others more skilled in the art. 


Best Regards,

Richard Taborek Sr.    Tel: 650 210 8800 x101 or 408 370 9233       
Principal Architect         Fax: 650 940 1898 or 408 374 3645
Transcendata, Inc.           Email: rtaborek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
1029 Corporation Way     
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4305    Alt email: rtaborek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx