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Re: A telephony carrier industry perspective

At 07:29 AM 5/25/99 -0500, Roy Bynum wrote:
>You might be surprised at how much TCP/IP is still being carried over
>X.25 in third world countries.

I'm not; it's a going business. But that's not because it is reliable, or
anything like that - it is because the infrastructure they have is X.25.
You'd be surprised, given the covers of trade rags and the comments about
Cable Modem and ADSL that you find all over them, how many home accesses
are via 28.8 modem - but that is the principle way non-business access
occurs in the US. People use what is there.

>I am hoping that the dynamic MAC level leaning architecture of switched
>802.3 will provide some relief for the complexity of the Internet core. 
>The combination of flow control with priority queueing may provide the
>needed to tools to acomplish that.

What service providers have you spoken with who indicate they are
interested in trying out that solution?