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PHY interface

I am not sure if there is a suggestion for a
Digital / PHY interface on the table but 
here is one for multiple WDM channels:

to solve the problem of channel skew
and synchronization I propose the following interface :

1) each channel transmit a byte ( 8 or 10 bit )
   depends where you place the 8/10b encoder/decoder
   assuming that will be the code
2) Channel 0 always transmit byte #0
   Channel 1 always transmit byte #1
   Channel n always transmit byte #n
   Channel 0 always transmit byte #n+1

3) each channel buffers its bytes and the
    assembly is done after a small fifo.

This will provide transparency to the "MAC" layer
and adaptability to any arbitrary number of
channels and rates.  10G channel will transmit
bytes 0,1,2,3 etc.

Once this interface is in place, we can support
any physical layer implementation at any speed 
and let the market decide which is better, 4X2.5G, nX2.5G,
10G or nX10G

and we will not need to develop a totally new standard for
the next big thing.

Haim Shafir
e9 Inc.
PH 408-343-0192 cell 408-892-1838 fax 408-873-2642