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available interface

Currently it seems the poplar choice
is LVDS, for example :

MAXIM    MAX3880 LVDS   155Mhz
AMCC     S3041   LVDS   311Mhz

but :

min Icc per interface = 4ma
4mA*32 = 128mA
128mA * 3.3 = 0.5Watt
One for receive, one for transmit = 1Watt
add clocks and other stuff and it will be about 1.3Watt
per interface ( if you are lucky )

now 4mA is the min 
I have seen chips that burned much more

1.3 Watt is not the end of the world but one can do
much better if one knows the interface is for a 
tiny distance, DC coupling, chip2chip (e9 - c2c) 3.3v interface.

We may suggest a new interface ("c2c" ) based on low current CML.
it will not be too difficult or costly for the analog guys to change
the interface.

Haim Shafir
e9 Inc.
PH 408-343-0192 cell 408-892-1838 fax 408-873-2642