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1000BASE-T PCS question


I have a question about the 4D 8-state Trellis code used by 1000BASE-T
which I hope you may be able to answer:

Is the 4D 8-state Trellis code A DC balanced code? If not, how difficult
will it be for the receiver to recover the clock?

P.S. I believe that the usual procedure for presentations is to send
them to the chair or webmaster for placement on the IEEE web site. In
this case, that means sending a copy to Jonathan Thatcher or David Law.
(I would send it to both of them).


Jaime Kardontchik wrote:
> Jonathan,
> I sent a couple of hours ago the complete presentation on the
> "10G-BASE-T" approach in pdf format, but I did not get it back from the
> Reflector. The pdf file is not large (17 pages, about 70,000 bytes).
> Should I resend it ?
> Jaime
> Jaime E. Kardontchik
> Micro Linear
> San Jose, CA 95131
> email: kardontchik.jaime@xxxxxxxxxxx


Best Regards,

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