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Re: 1000BASE-T PCS question


I think that other people might be better qualified than I to handle this
My impression is that it would have been much more simpler if the group had
been called "10-Gigabit-Ethernet" instead of "Higher-Speed Group". At some
time in the future the group will have to decide what kind of standard to work


Ethernet standards deliver a BER of 10^(-10).


Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
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"Chang, Edward S" wrote:

> Jami:
> We have been discussing scramble code versus block code, 8B/10B in
> particular, for a while on the reflector. Many people have the same feeling
> that scrambled code has run length much longer than desirable to cause
> base-line wander, and PLL clock drift; as a result, it can not meet the BER
> of 10^-12
> The SONET using scramble code has BER of 10^-10, which is not recommended
> for the datacom file transfer.  I believe the BER of 1000BASE-T is 10^-10,
> again, which is not recommended for file transfer.
> You can prove the BER is 10^-12 for the 4D symbol code to enable it to be
> used for all purposes, or stay at 10^-10 BER to be used, as 802.3ab, for
> less critical data handling.
> Please clarify.
> Ed Chang
> Unisys Corporation
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