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Re: 1000BASE-T PCS question (BER goal)

At 9:11 AM 99/5/27, Jaime Kardontchik wrote:

>Ethernet standards deliver a BER of 10^(-10).

Gigabit Ethernet (802.3z) is designed to deliver a BER of 10^(-12), one
hundred times better, following the lead of Fibre Channel.  This GbE
requirement is documented as objective "h" in section 36.1.2 "Objectives"
of 802.3z, and is referenced for fiber-optic links in note "a" of tables
38-4 and 38-8.

One would expect that ten gigabit ethernet (10GbE) would do at least as
well.  In fact, one can argue that from a systems standpoint, the BER for
ten gigabit ethernet should be at least ten times better than gigabit
ethernet, making the 10GbE BER goal 10^(-13) or even 10^(-14).  Certainly
it cannot be less than 10^(-12).

Joe Gwinn