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Re: 10-Gigabit presentation for Idaho

Hello 10G'ers,

The presentation on the 10G-BASE-T approach, as well as the tutorial on
the Trellis coding used in 1000BASE-T, can be downloaded now from the
web as explained by David Law below.

Many thanks to David that took the time consuming job of putting my
tutorial on Trellis Coding for 1000BASE-T on a pdf format. This tutorial
has many figures and he rearranged the text page by page to avoid cutting
any figure in the middle. The tutorial will help you understand better the
10G-BASE-T proposal.

When I first described the 10G-BASE-T architecture, in an email to
the Reflector last Friday, my original intention was simple to share some
thoughts with you and hear your comments. Then things rolled very fast and
Idaho happened to be only 10 days ahead. As a result you might find many
details missing. However, I do think that the 10G-BASE-T architecture
is worth looking at sooner than later.  So here it is.

See you next week in Idaho.

Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
San Jose, CA 95131
email: kardontchik.jaime@xxxxxxxxxxx

David Law wrote:

> Hi Jamie,
> Unfortunately anything over 100000 characters will be bounced by the reflector.
> Now I am not sure how to exactly calculate this from the file size but
> appreciate that any file you send as an attachment will be uuencoded which as
> far as I am aware basically causes the file size to increase.
> Anyway I have take the supplied pdf and placed it on the web site. I have also
> take you tutorial on converted it into a pdf file and also placed it on the web
> site. I think this is beast as you presentation refers to it.
> Now I took you files as an opportunity to start the June Interim page so both of
> these files can be found at the URL:-
> You presentation is at the direct URL:-
> kardontchik_1_0699.pdf
> The tutorial at the direct URL:-
> kardontchik_2_0699.pdf
> I hope this is all okay for you.
> Bye for now,
>    David Law