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RE: Ideally BER should be a customer controlled option

The intent might be benign, but the BER knob is an interoperability threat. 
Vendors will naturally use it as a hook for controlling both ends of the link. 
It probably will not get to the point where removing somebodies' browser
automatically increases your link bit rate...but I am sure you can find
an expert to say that in court nonetheless...

I prefer to spec an agressive BER, based on the undetected error rates
(observed at the MAC, as mentioned by Rich Seifert).
I am more concerned about that, than about the retransmissions.

Ariel Hendel
Sun Microsystems

> Ed:
> Please don't get me wrong.  I think a standard should be set for BER, so
> that at least to insure compatibility and interoperability.  I also know
> that a flexible BER may be a pipe dream.  The factors that influence BER
> tend to very non-linear and as such a flexible BER may be very difficult to
> implement in practice.  However, I would be interested to see if any
> manufacturers would provide a knob for BER, or at least provide a spec sheet
> outlining the various factors that may effect BER and what steps could be
> taken to push the BER envelope beyond the agreed upon standard if so
> desired.
> Bill
> -------------------------------------------
> Bill St Arnaud
> Director Network Projects