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Your Presentation

Jaime, I have a question concerning your presentation in Idaho.  On page 4
of your presentation you state the following when comparing your 10G-Base-T
proposal to 802.3ab (1000Base-T):  

   1000Base-T		10G-Base-T
    GMII-8bit wide    	10GMII - same

Are you advocating a byte wide chip-to-chip interface between the PCS and
Reconciliation sublayer in the MAC running at 1.25Ghz?  


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Subject: 10G-BASE-T presentation

Hello 10G'ers,

For those that were not able to attend the Idaho meeting:

The presentation on the 10G-BASE-T architecture given
in Idaho included more material than the original posted
two weeks ago.

The updated presentation as given in Idaho is now in the
web site,  replacing the old one:


Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
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