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Re: Actions and Issues from June Meeting

At 12:12 PM 99/6/17, Jonathan Thatcher wrote:
>During the last meeting, I took an action item to list a number of issues
>that I had compiled from reflector discussions and request thoughtful
>presentations. For some, we have individuals signed up. Please contact me if
>you would like time on the July agenda to present on any of these issues.
>This is, in effect, a call for presentations. If multiple people contact me
>on a particular topic. I will make sure that they have an opportunity to
>work together on a common presentation (this will, of course, be at their

>Issues 3 - Bit Error Rate
>The assumption will be that this is 10-12. If someone wishes to challenge
>this they should bring a presentation to the next meeting providing detailed
>reasoning why this needs to change.

It strikes me that the issue of larger maximum packet sizes will likely
come up, just as it did for GbE.  If 10GbE goes to 9 KB packets, the design
center BER would need to go to 10^-13 to maintain the same theoretical
packet loss rate.   I'm not sure how much effect this would have in
practice, as most gigabit links achieve much better than 10^-12, if they
work at all.  Anyway, these items are ripe for debate and decision.

Joe Gwinn