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Enhanced Cat. 5

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to research information with regard to Enhanced Cat. 5
specifications. I am presently overseeing a project with cable counts
exceeding 500. I have run into an unusual installation in part of a building
and need to find out as much information as possible.  The procedure of
installation I am familiar with is a standard home run not exceeding 280
feet (with 802.3 lengths). This particular vendor has used a "junction box"
terminated enhanced cat. 5 into this box and coming out the other end with a
24 pair cable to the next box. I realize my description is simplified but it
is fairly accurate. The "junction box" does not have any electrical
components. Product information: American Cable 12 port zone distribution
box #ZDBSMP12. I can not find any information supporting this type of
installation. When we ran a certification test most runs failed. In order to
resolve this problem I need to determine who would be responsible. Is it the
cable designs themselves (using a box - what benefit would had?) Is it the
sub contractor who installed them incorrectly?

If you can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Lori Meditz