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Participation in the HSSG Distance Ad Hoc

 As the appointed chair of the HSSG Distance Ad Hoc, I received an Action
Item from the Idaho Interim meeting which stated: "Send an e-mail to the
HSSG reflector to invite further participants.". The following is in
response to this request.

During the Idaho meeting, we spent considerable time discussing potential
objectives for the PAR. Objectives related to distance were not resolved in
the available time. We therefore appointed a "Distance Ad-Hoc" to pick up
where we left off with the objective of creating a modified objective that
has a high probability of passing (75%) at the next meeting along with
appropriate supporting presentation.

This is a restricted reflector set up under the HSSG web where all
interested individuals can monitor the discussion and the progress of
Ad-Hocs. However, if you have a strong desire to participate in advancing
the resolution of the HSSD distance objective, send a request to Jonathan
Thatcher at jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx If you did not attend the Idaho meeting,
anticipate a strong challenge from Jonathan, since you already have access
to the HSSG reflector to monitor the progress of the Distance Ad Hoc.
Passing this challenge, the Jonathan will appoint you to be a member of the
Distance Ad Hoc and you will be subscribed to the reflector.

Best Regards,
Del Hanson
Chair, Distance Ad Hoc