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Re: Actions and Issues from June Meeting


I do not see the issue of tightly coupled reliability for MAN/WAN
implementations in your list of reflector issues.

I also see in the listing of study subgroups one that includes the issue
of supporting "telephony like" reliability in the MAN/WAN version of
10GbE.  I have not seen anything on that.  I would like to participate
in that.  Who and how is that subgroup functioning?

				Thank you,
				Roy Bynum

Jonathan Thatcher wrote:
> During the last meeting, I took an action item to list a number of issues
> that I had compiled from reflector discussions and request thoughtful
> presentations. For some, we have individuals signed up. Please contact me if
> you would like time on the July agenda to present on any of these issues.
> This is, in effect, a call for presentations. If multiple people contact me
> on a particular topic. I will make sure that they have an opportunity to
> work together on a common presentation (this will, of course, be a their
> discression).
> Action: Jonathan Thatcher - Send e-mail to the HSSG reflector listing the
> following issues and, where appropriate, the persons with actions to provide
> presentation.
> Issue 1 - Raw requirements for access to Wide Area Networks
> Action: Paul Bottorff to provide presentation on this issue at the July
> meeting
> Issue 2 -Encoding schemes - Implications of FEC, bit error multiplication
> Action: Paul Bottorff to provide presentation on this issue in relation to
> scrambling at the July meeting
> Action: Name missing from minutes: pressentation on Error Correction.
> Action: Jonathan Thatcher - Arrange for Al Widmer to provide a presentation
> on 8B/10B coding and FEC at July meeting
> Issues 3 - Bit Error Rate
> The assumption will be that this is 10-12. If someone wishes to challenge
> this they should bring a presentation to the next meeting providing detailed
> reasoning why this needs to change.
> Issues 4 - Jitter
> While it is not necessarily something that needs presentations on in July
> its time to start thinking about Jitter.
> Issue 5 - Support for 802.3 Standards currently in progress
> Action: Geoff Thompson to provide a proposal on this issue.
> Issue 6 - Not supporting CSMA/CD
> Action: Jonathan Thatcher to draft the response to this item in relation to
> the 5 criteria.
> Issue 7 - Support for Installed cable
> jonathan
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