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RE: Jumbo Frames in 10GbE?

Title: RE: Jumbo Frames in 10GbE?

It will take a 75% majority to convert from the previously voted on objective.  The current schedule is for the objectives, the PAR and the 5 criteria for the HSSG to be finalized at the July plenary.

Personally, I believe that increasing the FrameSize is not a good thing for the HSSG.  Notice that the objective doesn't give an actual maximum and minimum size, rather it references the current standard.  Given the time it could take to do this standard, another standard could be done to increase the FrameSize (making that the current standard).  Why tie the FrameSize to a standards develop that may take 3 years and is primarily focused on 10G when a FrameSize standard could probably be developed in less time.

If there is truly interest in increasing the FrameSize, then that group should make a call for a study group and work to propose objectives, a PAR and 5 criteria.