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RE: Jumbo Frames in 10GbE?

So that would be the IS-IS working group you are talking about, right? And
this protocol is designed for encapsulating big IS-IS routing protocol
packets? Not sure I see the connection there with interrupts and bus
performance at 10Gbps speeds unless those are *really* big routing tables.


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> Subject: RE: Jumbo Frames in 10GbE?
> >Just as a point of information, the "IETF document" in 
> question is a private
> >individual's submission as an "internet draft" - it has no 
> standing as any
> >type of IETF standards' document at this time. It will 
> expire in December
> >1999 if no further action is taken.
> >
> >Anyone can submit internet drafts at any time for anyone 
> (or, often, no-one)
> >to read. As far as I am aware there is no endorsement of 
> this draft by any
> >of the IETF's working groups, by the Internet Engineering 
> Steering Group
> >(kind of like the IEEE 802 Exec) or by the Internet 
> Architecture Board. Of
> >course that might change. It might be a good idea for one of 
> the draft's
> >authors to step forward and explain to this group whether 
> they have any
> >intentions of asking any of the IETF's official bodies to 
> act further on
> >this draft.
> The Jumbo Frames document has some level of support within the ISIS
> working group.  The document is on the agenda in Oslo for review and
> a vote on whether it should be placed on the Proposed Standard path.
> Also, the document has six authors from UUNET Technologies, Alteon
> WebSystems, Packet Engines, and Juniper Networks.  The point 
> being, it's
> not just a single author tossing it out for "no one to read".
> Ted Schroeder
> Alteon WebSystems, Inc.