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RE: Jumbo Frames in 10GbE?


>So that would be the IS-IS working group you are talking about, right? And
>this protocol is designed for encapsulating big IS-IS routing protocol
>packets? Not sure I see the connection there with interrupts and bus
>performance at 10Gbps speeds unless those are *really* big routing tables.

The impetus for this draft is to carry big IS-IS routing protocol packets.
Absolutely.  But the proposal does not limit itself to this usage.  Users
and vendors will be free to use the new standard for whatever they want.
It describes Jumbo Frames with 802.3 or DIX Ethernet header formats.

Ted Schroeder
Alteon WebSystems, Inc.

>> >Just as a point of information, the "IETF document" in 
>> question is a private
>> >individual's submission as an "internet draft" - it has no 
>> standing as any
>> >type of IETF standards' document at this time. It will 
>> expire in December
>> >1999 if no further action is taken.
>> >
>> >Anyone can submit internet drafts at any time for anyone 
>> (or, often, no-one)
>> >to read. As far as I am aware there is no endorsement of 
>> this draft by any
>> >of the IETF's working groups, by the Internet Engineering 
>> Steering Group
>> >(kind of like the IEEE 802 Exec) or by the Internet 
>> Architecture Board. Of
>> >course that might change. It might be a good idea for one of 
>> the draft's
>> >authors to step forward and explain to this group whether 
>> they have any
>> >intentions of asking any of the IETF's official bodies to 
>> act further on
>> >this draft.
>> The Jumbo Frames document has some level of support within the ISIS
>> working group.  The document is on the agenda in Oslo for review and
>> a vote on whether it should be placed on the Proposed Standard path.
>> Also, the document has six authors from UUNET Technologies, Alteon
>> WebSystems, Packet Engines, and Juniper Networks.  The point 
>> being, it's
>> not just a single author tossing it out for "no one to read".
>> Ted Schroeder
>> Alteon WebSystems, Inc.