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September and AD-HOCs

Regarding the September meeting in York:

I have had a few calls about the inconvenience of meeting from the 27th through the 29th (some people don't want to have to fly out on Sat a.m. for a Monday morning meeting). David Law tells me that we can change the dates from the 28th through the 30th instead (Due to a cancellation at the hotel, the BIG room is available). This would overlap with, which, given the progress of .ad at the last meeting in Idaho, might not be an issue. It might also be an issue with any who have already booked flights (I expect this to be unlikely since the meeting notice has not gone out).

We must make the decision by tomorrow in order for David to complete the contract with the Hotel. If a change to the 28th through the 30th negatively impacts you, please send me a note at jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Barring complaints, we will make the change.

Regarding ad-hoc sign up:

There seems to be some confusion.

Firstly, yes, I am challenging individuals who were not in attendance in Idaho who are requesting subscriptions to the ad-hoc reflectors. No, it isn't fun.

Secondly, just because there is an ad-hoc in place (3 of which are only commissioned until the July meeting) with a reflector to support their work DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE HSSG REFLECTOR CAN NOT BE USED to discuss similar topics as a larger body. Just because there is a small group of focused individuals working on a very specific task doesn't require progress on other fronts to stop. I remind all that this is not a closed system. Everyone can see what is going on within these ad-hocs by looking at the web:

Similarly, I am confident that each ad-hoc member is watching this reflector. I have complete faith that new information, concepts, and processes that would help them accomplish their mission would be more than welcomed.


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