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A talk slot at the July meeting

Dear Mr. Thatcher,

I just noticed, though late, that your HSSG agenda looks like the


Issue 1 - Raw requirements for access to Wide Area Networks
Action: Paul Bottorff to provide presentation on this issue at the July

Issue 2 -Encoding schemes - Implications of FEC, bit error
Action: Paul Bottorff to provide presentation on this issue in relation
scrambling at the July meeting
Action: Name missing from minutes: pressentation on Error Correction.
Action: Jonathan Thatcher - Arrange for Al Widmer to provide a
on 8B/10B coding and FEC at July meeting

Issues 3 - Bit Error Rate
The assumption will be that this is 10-12. If someone wishes to
this they should bring a presentation to the next meeting providing
reasoning why this needs to change.

Issues 4 - Jitter
While it is not necessarily something that needs presentations on in
its time to start thinking about Jitter.

Issue 5 - Support for 802.3 Standards currently in progress
Action: Geoff Thompson to provide a proposal on this issue.

Issue 6 - Not supporting CSMA/CD
Action: Jonathan Thatcher to draft the response to this item in relation
the 5 criteria.

Issue 7 - Support for Installed cable


If I'm not mistaken, my colleague, Mr. Changoo LEE of ETRI, has sent you
our proposal on a new line code MB810 for 10GbE to be listed at the June
meeting, whether, unfortunately, neither of us could be present.

However, we both are planning to attend the Montreal meeting in July and
would like to give a short presentation on our MB810 code. I'd assume
our talk would best be listed as a seperate issue "New Line Code" or
place in the Issue 2.

Our code MB810 requires half the bandwidth of 8B10B code currently used
in GbE and so could compare favorably with other competing codes.


Dae Young