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Re: Fwd: Optical Network Specs Developed By Bellsouth, Others


It might be noted that the standard that you refer to is ATM specific.  I
have not seen any of the details published about how this implements a
different transmission adaptation layer other than the existing SONET/SDH.
If it is similar to what was developed for POS interface, it might be that
only the "B3", path level bit errors, is reqired, and "B1" and "B2", section
and line level bit error detection is optional.  It will interesting to see
what this is, once it is fully published.

Roy Bynum
Optical and Data Networking Technology Development
MCI WorldCom

Colin Mick--The Mick Group wrote:

> This might be of interest  to some of the group. . .
> Colin
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> >Subject: Optical Network Specs Developed By Bellsouth, Others
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> >Subject: Optical Network Specs Developed By Bellsouth, Others
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> >Optical Network Specs Developed By Bellsouth, Others 06/22/99
> >ATLANTA, GEORGIA, U.S.A., 1999 JUN 22 (NB) -- By Sylvia Dennis,
> >Newsbytes. BellSouth [NYSE:BEL], British Telecom [NYSE:BTR], France
> >Telecom and Japan's NTT have taken the wraps off a common technical
> >specification for high-capacity optical network access systems.
> >
> >The move is a significant one, since all four carriers plan on
> >implementing network infrastructures that will ultimately see optical
> >networking connections direct to home and business subscribers.
> >
> >The new optical specification is known as the Full Service Access
> >Network (FSAN) specification, and all four companies say they plan to
> >use the specifications as standard on their respective networks.
> >
> >BellSouth's vice president, Dr David Kettler, said that bringing
> >optical fiber technology to the home promises to fundamentally change
> >the nature of telecommunications services.
> >
> >"We believe that fiber to the home (FTTH) is the key to making
> >available the bandwidth that tomorrow's data, imaging and video
> >applications will require," he said.
> >
> >Tom Rowbotham, director of BT's group technology
> >operations, says optical fiber is already established as the
> >first choice of transmission medium for intercontinental and inter-
> >city routes.
> >
> >"It's also used for many connections to businesses using point-to-
> >point fiber or fiber rings. The challenge has been to extend
> >economically the benefits of full services access to a wider customer
> >base," he said.
> >
> >Rowbotham says the specifications being unveiled today are a
> >common set of requirements for passive optical networks (PON) aimed at
> >maximizing the market volume and minimizing equipment cost.
> >
> >According to BT, now that all four carriers have published the FSAN
> >specification, hardware vendors will be able to focus their
> >development efforts on products with minimal operator-specific
> >requirements. FSAN is a group of 20
> >international network operators working to develop Asynchronous
> >Transfer Mode (ATM) Passive Optical Networks.
> >
> >FSAN members include: Bell Canada, BellSouth, BT, Chunghwa, Deutsche
> >Telecom, Dutch PTT, France Telecom, GTE, Korea Telecom, NTT, SBC,
> >Swisscom, Telefonica, Telstra and Telecom Italia.
> >
> >BellSouth has recently announced
> >plans to install a "first office application" fiber to the home (FTTH)
> >system in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta project will use the FSAN
> >specification unveiled today.
> >
> >BellSouth's Web site is at .
> >
> >Further details of FSAN can be found on BT's R&D Web site at
> > .
> >
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> >
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