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Re: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards

I had been in the line coding field for years, but I don't readily see why
balancedness of a code should offer any cost savings. Normally, in order to
balance your code, you have to use more redundancy, thus more line bandwidth,

If there should be some DC-blocking component along the path, so that
DC-restoring is necessary at each regenerator when using a non-balanced codes,
then the balanced codes could somehow win over the non-balanced in cost saving.

Whether using a balanced codes or not should rather more depend on the
channel(path) charactersitics; is the path DC-blocking or not. In DC-blocing (or
AC-coupled) channels, balanced codes generally would give better BER performance
at the same implementation cost.

Drew Perkins wrote:

> Can some people who are more expert than myself
> please comment on the cost penalties for not having a balanced code? If you
> assume the same raw baud/bit rate (after coding), then how much less
> expensive is 8B/10B because it's balanced? Now if you factor in the coding
> inefficiency penalty (i.e. you raise the baud/bit rate for 8B/10B by 25%),
> how are the costs affected?

Dae Young