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How the agenda is shaping up for July

Thus far, I have gotten a rather large number of requests for presentations
(I am expecting more). A number of these are asking for upwards of 30
minutes or more. There is a very high probability that time slots will be
shortened, with the longest requests being shortened the most. While we will
attempt to provide the maximum time desired by the speakers, it is highly
recommended that the speakers start looking through their materials to see
what is germane, what simplifications can be made, and how time can be

Practice giving your presentations with only one breath.  (OK, bad joke :-)

Anyone who has one of those large ring-side bells used in boxing, please
bring it.

I anticipate that we will spend the afternoon on Tuesday, and 1/2 of the
morning on Wed for presentations. I expect to spend the 2nd 1/2 of the
morning on Wed for the ad-hoc reports and other action items. I expect that
we will spend the afternoon on Wed on "motion madness."

This means that the >18 speakers will share about 6 hours (given breaks,
introductions, etc.). 360 minutes / 18 people is 20 minutes each. Only 1
person has asked for less than 20 minutes.