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RE: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards

Sounds like we have a need for an ad hoc.  


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From: Rich Taborek [mailto:rtaborek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, June 28, 1999 6:41 PM
To: Curt Berg; HSSG
Subject: Re: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards


In addition, to really allow several competing physical layer
I suggest discussing a common transceiver interface, similar in  nature to
TBI of GbE.


Curt Berg wrote:

> >I think multiuple competing solutions and a "let the market decide" is a
> >sure recipe for disaster.
> Well Colin,
> Just to refresh your mind:
> It was not that long ago since VG-Anylan was competing with 100Base-TX,
> and TX, T2 and T4 were competing physical standard.
> Personally I don't consider that a disaster in the market place!
> If you don't give freedom to people to design what they believe they
> need in their market segment, I'm convinced standardization will
> take longer.
> So I would prefer one 10GMII, and have several competing physical
> implementation. Then you will really see who follows the KISS principal.
> -Curt Berg-
> Extreme Networks
> >It guarantees inoperable solutions and promotes market confusion.
> >
> >Making decisions among competing techincal solutions is a tough but
> >necessary part of the standards process.
> >
> >Colin
> >
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