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RE: re[2]: Why wrong LINE rate could cost dear


Thanks, I appreciate the very valuable information.  VCSEL will play a major
role for 10GbE product.

Thanks again, 

Ed Chang 

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   I think it is clear that VCSELs are already operating at 10 Gbit/s.  The 
data I presented at the June meeting was with multi-mode 850nm VCSELs.  I 
believe there was also a Lucent talk based on 10 Gbit/s 850 nm VCSELs.  The 
question is really in the details of what extinction ratio and coding 
overhead are required.  I'm with Martin Nuss when it comes to having a 
strong preference for 10 Gbaud over 12.5.  Also, extinction ratio >>6 dB is 
challenging with direct modulation at these rates (although clever TX 
designers may come up with a way of beating the VCSEL into submission).


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I believe, users support both serial and parallel approaches.  Both are
equally viable.  It is a mistake at this initial stage using limited
knowledge to determine the market several years down the road.  Market is
shaped by human preferences, then technologies; therefore, we can not use a
few technical facts to predict future market direction.

When we, a group, introduced VICEL to industry, there were objections
everywhere.  Today, Vixcel is the winner.  Whenever, there are needs in
market, someone will come up with a right product.

By the way, do you think VCSEL will perform at 10 Gbps in the near future?

Ed Chang
Unisys Corporation