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RE: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards


Let us use the word "quality", I do not mind whichever the word we use.

The BER (Bit Error Rate) is a definition to include all errors, but not to
use error correction for BER measurement.

Ed Chang

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Subject: RE: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards

> From: "Chang, Edward S" <Edward.Chang@xxxxxxxxxx>

> well designed semiconductor memory, error correction is not required. 

I think that is an opinion, it is not a fact. A wish list perhalf?

> The reason I also elaborate the issue is that BER is measured without
> corrections.  Error correction can not be used to claim the BER is
> Otherwise, we will not have the universal referencing point in discussing
> the reliability of a link based on BER.
> ED Chang
> Unisys Corporation
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I think BER measured without error correction indicates some sort 
of the quality of the link, not its reliability. BER measured with error 
correction shows the measurable link reliability.