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RE: re[2]: Why wrong LINE rate could cost dear

I would note that there is a difference between "already operating" and
being to a state where they are manufacturable and mass-producible with good
yields at very low costs. If there are still extinction ratio and other
issues then it sounds like they are not yet ready for prime time. Limited
deployment perhaps, but not prime time. I'm sure the semiconductor
manufacturers (Intel, IBM), etc. could make a 1 GHz processor today if they
wanted (well in fact they do in research), but they are not yet ready for
mass deployment.

I'd love to be proved wrong!

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   I think it is clear that VCSELs are already operating at 10 Gbit/s.  The 
data I presented at the June meeting was with multi-mode 850nm VCSELs.  I 
believe there was also a Lucent talk based on 10 Gbit/s 850 nm VCSELs.  The 
question is really in the details of what extinction ratio and coding 
overhead are required.  I'm with Martin Nuss when it comes to having a 
strong preference for 10 Gbaud over 12.5.  Also, extinction ratio >>6 dB is 
challenging with direct modulation at these rates (although clever TX 
designers may come up with a way of beating the VCSEL into submission).


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I believe, users support both serial and parallel approaches.  Both are
equally viable.  It is a mistake at this initial stage using limited
knowledge to determine the market several years down the road.  Market is
shaped by human preferences, then technologies; therefore, we can not use a
few technical facts to predict future market direction.

When we, a group, introduced VICEL to industry, there were objections
everywhere.  Today, Vixcel is the winner.  Whenever, there are needs in
market, someone will come up with a right product.

By the way, do you think VCSEL will perform at 10 Gbps in the near future?

Ed Chang
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