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RE: 9.584640 Gbps

This is on the lines of what I had presented at Coeur d'Alene in my original
set of objectives (before Shimon and I merged our proposals into the

8. Refine MAC in a speed independent way to support operation at:
	a. 10,000 Mb/s at the MAC/PLS service interface in the local area
	b. ~10,000 Mb/s at the MAC/PLS service interface in the metropolitan
area environment
9. In the local area environment:
	a. Support star-wired local area topologies 
	b. Use media selected from ISO/IEC 11801
10. Provide a family of Physical Layer specifications which support a link
distance of:
	a. At least 100m on multimode fiber
	b. At least 3 km on single mode fiber
11. Do not preclude use on distances of 1000km

I'm also curious if after beating each other up in the distance and speed Ad
Hocs that we might not want to go back to defining objectives that recognize
the unique properties of the different applications. These of course could
now be improved because of the discussions in the Ad Hocs.  I for one am
comfortable with recognizing the very different requirments of the LAN and
MAN/WAN applications.

--Bob Grow

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Do you think a speed objective for supporting either 9.584640 or 10.000
Gbps would be acceptable provided the speed was coupled to a particular
distance or PHY. This way we would not have both speed on any particular
PHY. This type of motion would, for instance allow a 10.0 on 100m and 550m
PHYs while using 9.584640 on 2 km, 10km, and 40 km PHYs.

Any thoughts?

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