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RE: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards


We would like to present this option but are waiting to see how the distance and
other 'objective' issues sort themselves out first and then determine what PHY
proposals make sense.

One concern I have is the 10GbE standards process is not forward thinking enough
and will base the future physical plant objectives on what it looks like today.
But I understand this could also lead to bedlam in which case the group must put
a stake in the ground in order to make progress in a timely fashion.

-Mark Donhowe
W.L. Gore & Associates

"Chang, Edward S" <Edward.Chang@xxxxxxxxxx> on 07/01/99 08:50:53 AM

To:   Mark N Donhowe/WLGORE@WLGORE, "Chang, Edward S" <Edward.Chang@xxxxxxxxxx>
cc:   "Rogers, Shawn" <S-Rogers@xxxxxx>, "'Bruce Lavigne'" <Bruce@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Subject:  RE: Issues concerning 10GbE speed standards


I agree there is another parallel option using ribbon cable of multiple
You may like to present this approaches to committee.  Fiber bandwidth issue
can be resolved one way or the other.

Ed Chang
Unisys Corporation

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