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Re: 9.584640 Gbps

     The WWDM PMD that we have proposed is a single transceiver that would 
     cover both the building and campus distances.  A box with this 
     transceiver on its backplane could be plugged into a 300m MMF link or 
     a 10km SMF link.  It would be a shame to require different PHYs for 
     those applications.
     -Brian Lemoff
      HP Labs

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Subject: 9.584640 Gbps
Author:  Non-HP-pbottorf (pbottorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) at HP-PaloAlto,mimegw2
Date:    7/1/99 1:42 PM


Do you think a speed objective for supporting either 9.584640 or 10.000
Gbps would be acceptable provided the speed was coupled to a particular
distance or PHY. This way we would not have both speed on any particular
PHY. This type of motion would, for instance allow a 10.0 on 100m and 550m
PHYs while using 9.584640 on 2 km, 10km, and 40 km PHYs.

Any thoughts?

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