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Presentations from the IEEE802.3 HSSG July plenary week meeting


So far I seem to have received about a third of the presentations from last
week, the following however, is a list of presentations I believe that I am
missing. Please could each of you below supply me a copy of your presentation.

Thanks very much,
    David Law

Presenter                Title
=========                =====

Atikem Haile-Mariam      Amp Fibre Survey - WAN link lengths and dark fibre
Ed Chang                 Installed Fiber
Zinan Chen               GigE Market Potential for WAN
Paul A. Bottorff         Wide area compatibility
Ed Chang                 BER
Norival Figueira         Impact of the x^43 + 1 Scrambler on the Error
                         Detection Capabilities of the
Paul Kolesar             10Gb/s Multimode Fiber Standards Update and
                         850nm justification
Giorgio Giaretta         High bit rate multi mode fibre systems
Richard Kriese           Parallel Optics Opportunities for 10 GbE
David Cunningham         Multilevel Modulation for 10GbE: Link and
                         Component Specification Issues
Chris DiMinico           Copper Ad-hoc report
Drew A. Plant            Equipment Room Copper Cable Proposals
Rick Walter              10GbE over Coaxial cable
Bill Woodruff            Equalizers for 2.5Gb/s over copper
Fred Weniger             10 Gig Serialization Proposal
Rich Taborek             CX
Geoff Thompson           "Objective 8" & Media Ad-hoc
Bruce Tolley             Cable survey Ad-hoc Report
Walt Thirion             Speed Ad-hoc Report
Del Hanson               Distance Ad-hoc Report