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Re: [Fwd: RE: Does Ten-Gigabit Ethernet need fault tolerance?]


At present, there is no such thing as commercial LANs.  All LANs at present
are privately owned.  There are some service providers that provide
transparent LAN extension services.  I wonder if you would be surprised to
learn that these were LANE over ATM over SONET.  SONET restoration is often
used for the transport path link.  ATM restoration is used for nodal or
switch failures only.   Upper layer protocols are also more likely to be
used for response to nodal failures than link failures.  The use of ATM is
the main reasons that these services are so expensive today.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum
MCI WorldCom

Thomas Dineen wrote:

> GentlePeople:
> 1. "Are you suggesting that Fault Tolerance is a requirement for 10 Gig
> Ethernet or for all Ethernet?"
>    A thousand times NO. Normally in commercial LAN Data Links fault
> tolerance is NOT
> provided, it is just to expensive. If an individual customer desires
> fault tolerance
> and or redundancy he or she provides it by way of redundant links, which
> are controlled
> by upper layer Bridging and Routing protocols. This provides a much more
> cost effective
> solution.
> Thomas Dineen