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Re: 9.584640 (framing issue)


I believe that the framing solution is a second-order task and that the first
order task is to determine if there is any possibility of supporting an
Ethernet stream, consisting of variable sized packets at ANY MAC/PLS data rate
which would eliminate any flow control requirements between Ethernet and SONET

Is 9.584640 Gbps this data rate? If not, is there any data rate that meets the
above requirement? If not, the HSSG speed objective should be 10.0 Gbps.

Best Regards,


Toshio Ooka wrote:

> Rich,
> > I have assumed that the proponents of the 9.584640 Gbps MAC/PLS
> > payload rate have selected that rate specifically to allow a SONET links to
> > accept Ethernet payload at full rate as indicated in my #5a (below).
> I believe that the rate specifically to allow a SONET links to accept
> Ethernet payload
> is great idea.
> But to realize this idea, I think we need to have some framing solution.
> After framing process, the length of the data on SONET will not affected
> the content of the Ethernet payload data. POS solution is not suitable for
> this.
> Send Ethernet 10B code to SONET may be to fit SONET byte stream world.
> Thank you for your prompt reply.
> Best Regards,
> Toshio
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