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Re: 9.584640 (framing issue)

Toshio, Rich:

Sorry for dropping in a little late, but I'm supposed to be on vacation.

The 9.584640 is the exact rate of a OC-192 payload. Running at this rate
will allow the data to be encoded onto an OC-192 directly at rate. In
addition, this data rate allows running over the installed base of 10 G
DWDM regenerator networks.

To encode a 9.584640 G Ethernet steam on an OC-192 the encoding system must
not expand the data like 8b/10b does. Both the Nortel and the Lucent
proposals are capable of providing an encode which can be transported a
9.584640 G Ethernet data stream over OC-192.


At 02:29 PM 7/20/99 -0700, Rich Taborek wrote:
>I believe that the framing solution is a second-order task and that the first
>order task is to determine if there is any possibility of supporting an
>Ethernet stream, consisting of variable sized packets at ANY MAC/PLS data
>which would eliminate any flow control requirements between Ethernet and
>Is 9.584640 Gbps this data rate? If not, is there any data rate that meets
>above requirement? If not, the HSSG speed objective should be 10.0 Gbps.
>Best Regards,
>Toshio Ooka wrote:
>> Rich,
>> > I have assumed that the proponents of the 9.584640 Gbps MAC/PLS
>> > payload rate have selected that rate specifically to allow a SONET
links to
>> > accept Ethernet payload at full rate as indicated in my #5a (below).
>> I believe that the rate specifically to allow a SONET links to accept
>> Ethernet payload
>> is great idea.
>> But to realize this idea, I think we need to have some framing solution.
>> After framing process, the length of the data on SONET will not affected
>> the content of the Ethernet payload data. POS solution is not suitable for
>> this.
>> Send Ethernet 10B code to SONET may be to fit SONET byte stream world.
>> Thank you for your prompt reply.
>> Best Regards,
>> Toshio
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