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RE: 10.0 vs 9.584640: That's the PHY's Job

Title: RE: 10.0 vs 9.584640: That's the PHY's Job


There have been a number of proposals: buffering, flow control, IPG stripping, preamble stripping, etc.  One thought that came to me this morning is that a system designer would know what type of network is being used (i.e. is the port a LAN port or a WAN port), and an implementation specific form of rate control could be implemented at a higher layer.  My preference would be to do this in the PHY, because it would make things a bit cleaner by eliminating a lot of proprietary solutions.  I know that designing the PHY layer to perform this operation will increase the PHY cost for the WAN solution above that of the LAN solution, but I think that users will be willing to pay that extra to be able to used their installed base of fiber.


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