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RE: PHYs with 10.000 and 9.584640

Title: RE: PHYs with 10.000 and 9.584640


In essence, this is placing the burden on the subset of PHY implementers.  I'm not advocating a PHY that works at two rates, I'm advocating a MAC/PLS that works at one rate - 10Gb/s.  The PHY's would map the MAC/PLS data rate to their corresponding data rate, and in this architecture, only the WAN PHY would have to do something special to decrease the data rate to 9.58464 Gb/s.  Maybe a new PHY sublayer is necessary to perform the data rate mapping.

I don't think we require two separate PARs because of the differences in a LAN PHY compared to a WAN PHY.  What I believe is required is to isolate where the differences between these two types of networks are, and I believe that can be done by having a LAN PHY and a WAN PHY.  To the system designer, the implementation becomes easier if they can pick a 10GbE MAC and plug it to a PHY of their choosing.  The PLS service interfaces are the same and the operations inside the MACs are the same, only the PHYs are different: one is LAN capable, and the other is WAN capable.  Keeping this all in one PAR can help to guarantee this interoperability of MAC, PLS and PHY.


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