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RE: 9.584640

>At the same time WANs are architected to transport data traffic more
>seamlessly. In particular the trend is to move to photonic DWDM networks
>which are not SONET based. It is these new photonic DWDM networks where a
>9.584640 G Ethernet would be most important. In the DWDM networks Ethernet
>would be directly carried, not encapsuled in OC-192. The issue here is one
>of transition. The current DWDM networks were built for SONET transport.
>Because of this they will retain some of the SONET character for a number
>of years before they become completely transparent.

	I must respectfully disagree with you on this. Completely. The trend
is NOT away from SONET-based networks. The trend IS away from SONET ADMs.
But the SONET protocol is well designed to meet the requirements in the WAN
with relative efficiency. if 10 Gb/s Ethernet is used in this environment, I
think it will be encapsulated in OC-192.

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