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Request For Timely Comprimise


   In regard to the speed debate of 10.0 GBits/Sec vs 9.58464 GBits/Sec,

sooner or later the HSSG will come to a compromise! But what is the cost

of a continuing and lengthy debate? 1) Lost time and a delayed standard,

and 2) The cost of additional meetings.

   So I would propose, that a process be devised to forge a compromise,
which will be passed as an objective in the form of a  motion at the
meeting. I am calling on Mr. Thompson and Mr. Thatcher to facilitate the

specification of the details of this process. Perhaps continued and
reflector discussion, ad hoc meetings, and / or phone conferences could
used. I would also encourage one on one discussions.

   From what I am seeing on the reflector it appears that a compromise
is possible, all that is required is facilitation work.

Thomas Dineen