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Ethernet over WANs

Hi all,

I recently subscribed to this list and was going through the archives

Some people have mentioned about sending ethernet over MAN/WAN links.
The question I have is Ethernet doesn't have OAM features of SONET.
That is a critical feature for WANs (and not LANs)
How is that handled for 10GbE? Can you make intellegent enough DWDM
elements to handle that. Doesn't that by itself add overhead which is
comparable to SONET overhead. If so, then why is there so much
as to replace SONET by 10GbE.

In packet over SONET, we use PPP which adds very little
overhead. Can't we use the same format for 10GbE over SONET. In that
case we can define the 10GbE standard without worrying about SONET .
Just my 2c.

Rohit Mittal