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Re: Ethernet over WANs


I believe all those SONET requirements will be added at the WAN/PHY (SONET 
>  Hi all,
>  I recently subscribed to this list and was going through the archives
>  Some people have mentioned about sending Ethernet over MAN/WAN links.
>  The question I have is Ethernet doesn't have OAM features of SONET.
>  That is a critical feature for WANs (and not LANs)
>  How is that handled for 10GbE? Can you make intellegent enough DWDM
>  elements to handle that. Doesn't that by itself add overhead which is
>  comparable to SONET overhead. If so, then why is there so much
>  discussion
>  as to replace SONET by 10GbE.
>  In packet over SONET, we use PPP which adds very little
>  overhead. Can't we use the same format for 10GbE over SONET. In that
>  case we can define the 10GbE standard without worrying about SONET .
>  Just my 2c.
> Edward S. Chang
NetWorth Technologies, Inc.